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Efforts and Fears

This video addresses the fears and efforts we have on our path to success. The first illustration is a woman sitting, and the last one displays the same woman who, despite all fears and difficulties in her way, continues her daily efforts. She finally performs a handstand displaying an outstanding asana, implying the endpoint of success. This final image is perceived as a symbol of the success moment, the only moment that others see. But if zoom in, we can see the constant struggles, fears, inner conversations, and difficulties of the path that one faces. That is the part of the path that cannot be seen by others. The idea for this video popped into my head while I was controlling print trams using a loupe (a type of magnifying glass used in printing). All of those trams and dots play a role in shaping the final printed image. Just as all our efforts and overcoming our fears shape our success.

The Warrior

In creating these three artworks, I use the Anaglyph technique to depict two parts of a human being. One part that we see in the appearance of these three women and the other part that is within them and is shown with yoga asanas. The name of these yoga asanas is warrior, referring to the warrior within these three women. Women in Iran, despite all the hardships, fight for their lives and their rights every day. The first image displays a woman protesting against the compulsory hijab in Iran, taking off her headscarf in protest, hanging it on a stick, fighting for her right to freedom. It is what has happened in reality, and after that, the woman was arrested. The second image illustrates a female nurse who, during the Coronavirus pandemic, despite all pressures, struggles like a soldier on the front lines. And the third one is a woman from Balochistan (a deprived region in Iran). In the 21st century, when drinking water is a natural right for every human being, she still has to provide her drinking water from a contaminated pond with a container due to lack of proper water management. In portraying these three women, I have tried to harmonize most of the body parts of each character with yoga poses, and for a better illustration of my idea, I have turned it into a video.

Determinism and Free Will

This artwork deals with the subject of Determinism and Free Will. In the real world, the environment is the same for everyone, which refers to the determinism of life. However, we, as human beings, are all free in our imaginations and have the right to live in the world created in our minds. I chose an image of the night sky, being the same for everyone, but the viewer may freely connect the stars with a hypothetical line and form an illustration in his mind. To depict this idea, I used AR (Augmented Reality) technology and made the idea easily visible using AR applications. When the viewer fixes their mobile phone or tablet on the image, they may see three different imaginary illustrations in three parts of the work: 1- A spaceship and UFO, 2- A mermaid caressing a spotted eagle ray, 3- A goddess with a planet in her hand. Apart from these three images, considered as an example, the viewer can create any image with the stars in his mind. I was inspired by looking at the night sky and stars. And for being able to depict the two concepts of determinism and free will, I made use of AR technology, consisting of two parts, the real world, and the virtual one. Then, to better convey my idea, I turned it into a video.

The seven Labors of Rostam in Braille

A series of acts were carried out by the greatest Persian hero, Rostam. Ferdowsi retold this story in his epic poem, Shahnama. Designing an illustrated book including an audio story for the blind (as the target group) was the main purpose of this project. The package includes the storybook with the text and images in braille, a player specially designed with braille bottoms, and earphones that enable the blind themselves to read the book, listen to the story, and understand/see the pictures only by touching them without the help of another person. I have used the illustrations of my bachelor’s project in which the scratchboard with sandpaper on offset printing plate technique was used, and turned them into braille images. In addition to the braille images and texts, the story is told by the narrator.

The seven Labors of Rostam

A series of acts were carried out by the greatest Persian hero, Rostam. Ferdowsi retold this story in his epic poem, Shahnama. I have used the illustrations of my bachelor’s project in which the scratchboard with sandpaper on offset printing plates technique was used and turned them into motion illustration. In addition to the motion illustration, the story is told by the narrator. I made this idea easily visible and audible using AR (Augmented Reality) applications. When the audience points their mobile phone or tablet on the image, they will see motion designs while listening to the story. I redesigned the illustration of my practical project and mixed it with AR technology so that teenagers and the younger generation would communicate better with the story.


This stop motion shows a person who is engaged in routine life. From the beginning of the series, we can see her boredom and conflict with herself. The freedom begins from inside and through "thinking." She, in the end, sees "Self Existence" in the mirror and contemplates. The final part of the artwork symbolically refers to spinning the cocoon around and eventually becoming a butterfly and achieving redemption. The end of this work is a new beginning. I was inspired by Rumi's poems and we can see more examples of this thinking in his philosophy.